I'm Brennan, I live in Jupiter, Fl.

This is what makes me giggle or just what strikes my fancy. Don't hesitate to ask me things, I'm pretty open.
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Customer in drive thru gave me a flower to apologize for the idiot in front of him #mademyday #twelvehourshift #nicecustomersarethebest #Starbucks

Studying drugs by the pool #paramediclife #studying #prettydayfinally #morphinesulfate

SimMan will eat your soul.. #SimMan #schooldummy #hewashavingissuesthursday

Woke up to a pretty sunrise over the water and a pod of dolphins playing in the shallows #beachstay #Imissedthis

Barney kept me company all day Sunday while I was on drive thru #turtle #drivethru #work #Starbucks #Fasterthanhim

Crazy dog #puppydreams

Oh my blizzard #supersnow

I drew (terribly, might I add) the beach in the snow on my car #missthebeach #but #lovethesnow (at Home)

I’m loving this snow #snow (at Home)

Snow!! =D #Lovethis #snow #snowatschool (at Health Technology Building)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Ok so I have this problem. I'm a barista/manager and I have to train this girl who happens to be very short and has never even worked in food service before. The problem is she's not going to be able to steam anything properly because she won't be able to see inside the pitcher. What do I do!?!
well-shitty-shitty-bang-bang well-shitty-shitty-bang-bang Said:


It’s all about listening to the milk. I know it seems weird but I promise you I’d have a harder time steaming milk if I was deaf than if I was blind. 

There’s a distinct sound the milk makes when the steam wand is in the right place to aerate it. You know it when you hear it, you probably just dont realize it. You’ll have to teach her to listen for that sound. 

Its not impossible, you’re just going to have to be patient. 

so true, I can make an extra dry cappuccino with my eyes closed





and it is the most important line ever spoken in the history of our series

if you don’t reblog this i am judging you

this is the very essence of our fandom

it is our origins
so reblog now 


#this was the first seal

Look at how young and not nearly as emotionally scarred he looks.

(via kaibas-enormous-ballsack)

Good morning from the apartments behind my condo #goodmorning #backoninstagram

I was wondering if you had an easier way to remember the whole "coarser or finer" business on the Mastrena. My co workers keep trying to tell me the nonsense with the rocks and I can't remember it to save my life.
well-shitty-shitty-bang-bang well-shitty-shitty-bang-bang Said:


A coarse, rough grind is like the white boy, moving way too fast in the middle of the dance floor and fucking it up for everyone. 

Fine motherfuckers know to move slow, and make the liquid drip right. 

LOL best description yet!

In honor of our new pasty line, pink apron! #LaBoulange #Starbucks #work #pastries #prettyinpink (at Work)